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Eau du Prince Igor: Leather of Russia

In the tradition of "Cuirs de Russie" [Leather of Russia], Nicolas de Barry has recomposed a classic perfume from the 1920s. A great success in Paris and Europe at the time, the original has the characteristic smells of saddlery, with a heady note of burnt birch wood (which evokes the Russian "Banya"). This very "club" perfume echoed Russian fashion in Paris. On the cultural stage, Russian performers ruled, too. Serge Diaghilev's Ballet performances were the main attraction at the time, starring the Nijinsky dancer who distinguished himself in Prince Igor's Polovtsian dances.

This princely fragrance revisits the traditional scent of Russian leather -  the birch and its smoky note, the wood, the leathers are all there, but this time around refreshed by notes of winter Bergamot from Calabria.


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