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Limited Edition Giclee Print, Edition of 90, Size: 25 x 50 cm

"Deep reds contrasting with a play of light capture the menacing yet alluring figure of the seducer and the woman's apprehension and ambivalence, as she senses his danger but can't quite let go..." - Paola Minekov

"My friend, the artist Paola Minekov, recently finished a beautiful painting for my new novel, The Seducer. This painting captures perfectly the novel’s main theme– psychopathic seduction–by a social predator who comes on strong and poses, initially, as a romantic Prince Charming or Mr. Right. In Paola’s painting, as in my novel, the victim, Ana seems to hesitate between her strong attraction to her captor and the fear and anxiety their illicit passion provokes." - Claudia Moscovici 

"The Seducer" is inspired by Claudia Moscovici's novel of the same name.

Acrylic on panel: Private Collection 

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