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I'm your CookMate, Cotton Apron - Lantern Space

A million words of love

How can you say I love you in a million different ways? 

Surprise your loved ones with a fun and romantic gift, which is guaranteed spark their imagination. Choose from our various designs of household items and decorations and elevate your love game to the next level.

Nothing makes a house more beautiful than an amazing love story! 

Accessories - Lantern Space


Watches, cufflinks, face masks, bags, watches and many others... These original and exclusive Lantern Space lifestyle accessories are the perfect fit for your business or casual outfits. This section can give you amazing propositions that will match your interests or resolve your search for the perfect gift!

Anaii | Lantern Space


A collection of exclusive Anaii watches with modern design inspired by the current fashion style trends.

As well as our other collections, Anaii can also be personalised with message or engraved with your own handwriting. Discover our next wave of sophisticated watches!

Dancers in White, Greeting Card - Lantern Space

Artist Greeting Cards

Our greeting cards are like miniature artworks, printed true to the original colours of our paintings, on thick Italian paper, with a glossy varnish to give them the ultimate quality finish.

Back to School - Lantern Space

Back to School

Kids love colourful stationary... and let’s be fair, so do we! Make your kids’ education fun and memorable, whether they are at home or in the classroom, and inspire a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

Bags - Lantern Space

Bags and purses

Unique bags, sacks and purses with personalisation options and exclusive designs. These accessories can fit your traveling, business or casual needs as your permanent companions!

Bedroom Fantasy | Lantern Space

Bedroom Fantasy

Beautiful designs and conceptual decor for the bedroom of your fantasies. Curl up into your soft pillows, sheets and blankets after a long day. Let us help you design a bedroom where only fairytale dreams await!



Beautiful handmade artisanal candles. Relaxing, calming or passionate and dizzying scents. Here you will find personalised and engraved candles and charming scents for each one of your needs.

Cooking Delicacy - Lantern Space

Cooking Delicacy

Kitchen tools, cutlery, dishes, mugs and much more, with modern and creative designs. A good kitchen needs to be not only practical, but also warm, welcoming and aesthetically appealing. We can give you the right design to help you make your kitchen motivating and inspiring for your inner master chef!

Cushions & Throws - Lantern Space

Cushions & Throws

Cover yourself with uniquely designed throws and cuddle your personalised cushion to turn every corner of your house into your personal cozy fairyland.

Vanga - Lantern Space

Dreams and Nightmares

A collection of spiritually charged digital drawings by Paola Minekov, created on an iPad and inspired by an African masks and ethnic folklore from around the world.

Available as Original Ggiclee prints in Limited Editions of 25 only.

Flasks and water bottles - Lantern Space

Flasks and water bottles

Flasks, water and travel bottles with cool and extravagant designs. These exclusive Lantern Space lifestyle accessories are perfect for those of you who always like to have a refreshing drink in their pockets.

Garden - Lantern Space


Fascinating tools with cool designs for your favourite hobby! Make sure that we will ease the activities of your favourite hobby while keeping your hands clean and your creativity refreshed. Take a look at our exclusive selection for unique garden items!

Historical perfumes by Nicolas de Barry - Lantern Space

Historical perfumes by Nicolas de Barry

For more than 20 years, Nicolas de Barry has created custom-made perfumes for royal families and stars, including the Countess of Paris, wife of the Count of Paris, who is at the head of the French royal family. 

One could say that in perfumery, his art can be compared to haute couture in relation to ready-to-wear fashion.


Ivan Minekov - Lantern Space

Ivan Minekov

Widely acclaimed for his sculptural work, Ivan Minekov is one of the few remaining representatives of the heterogeneous tradition of Modernism today. His figures are built upon abundant layers of history, while they capture the very essence of the subject vividly, in a contemporary manner. A prolific creator of timeless sculptures, Minekov is considered as one of the most renowned contemporary artists in Bulgaria today. read more

Elie Beaumont - Lantern Space


Sophisticated,  classy, modern and elegant. This is what defines this Eli Beaumont collection of luxurious women watches.

Perfect for both business and casual lifestyle image, the watches can be personalised with either a modern font or your personal handwriting.

Jewellery - Lantern Space


Jewellery boxes, necklaces, rings, cufflinks and many other luxurious and unique additions to your sophisticated and classy outfits. Our Lifestyle Jewellery collection will definitely intrigue even the most demanding eyes!

Kids & Nursery - Lantern Space

Kids & Nursery

From school accessories to children’s rooms decorations, Lantern Space provides unique interior concepts which will definitely tickle your kids’ imagination. Colourful patterns, cute animals, joyful shapes and various other artistic and educational games will stimulate your child’s intelligence and provide hours of  creative fun. 

Kids Watches - Lantern Space

Kids Watches

An exclusive collection of personalised kids watches. Their design is colourful and playful with kids' favourites such as dinosaurs, unicorns and sports! Give your kids an unique engraved watch and show them you will be by their side every second of their lives! 

Kitchen Linen - Lantern Space

Kitchen Linen

Aprons, kitchen hats and exclusive cool design outfits for the true cuisine masters! Release your creativity and give wings to your gourmet imagination

Ladies Special

Ladies Special

An exclusive collection for the month of March and the two special holidays dedicated to the ladies - International Women's and Mother's Day! We have prepared the perfect selection with some amazing surprises for these special occasions and the most important women in your life! Take a chance with our personalised lifestyle accessories and souvenirs and you will definitely create the best impression. Make a woman feel beautiful and exceptional! Tell her how much she means to you.

Lantern Spring Colours

Lantern Spring Colours

Spring has arrived! We love this time of the year. Spring brings us back the sun together with vivid colours and lots of positive emotions. What better way to celebrate the new beginning than with some home decorations? The exclusive Lantern Spring Colours collection offers you many creative ideas for personalised, colourful and exciting products for each aspect of your spring lifestyle!

Life is a journey - Lantern Space

Life is a journey

Old world maps, sea adventures, perilous journeys and the romance of travel… This creative Lantern Space collection not only helps you dream up your next adventure but also brings you back to a world of exciting memories, your moments at the different corners of the world.

Remember - What is important is the journey, not the destination! 

Lovers Gifts

Lovers Gifts

A unique collection of gift ideas for his or her unforgettable St Valentine's day! We want to celebrate the most romantic month of the year together with you. Choose one of our exclusive personalised gifts and you're sure to be the receiver of kisses and love, for the most creative and special present ever!

Mr Beaumont - Lantern Space

Mr Beaumont

Inspired by the essential British style, Mr Beaumont watches have an amazing sophisticated and clean design. The watches’ look conveys the generation’s desire for distinction and creativity.

Perfect for both business and casual lifestyle image, the watches can be personalised with either a modern font or your personal hand writing.

Paola Minekov - Lantern Space

Paola Minekov

A devoted painter, Paola Minekov encapsulates vital sentiments and moments of life using a discernible visual language. Her work reveals influences of early Modernist traditions, blending abstraction with figuration to depict lyrical, yet dynamic scenes.  read more

Dancers Series | Cityscapes | Undercurrents | Still Lifes | Digital Art 

Pocket Watches - Lantern Space

Pocket Watches

A collection of sophisticated personalised engraved pocket watches. Here you can find the perfect additions to your classy vintage style.

Relaxing Sanctuary - Lantern Space

Relaxing Sanctuary

Our carefully curated bathroom accessories give a whole new artistic and unique design to your relaxing sanctuary! Let us help you turn a boring, ordinary bathroom into your personal creative space where your body and soul can finally relax at the end of a long day.

Tablewear - Lantern Space


Dinner Sets, Plates, Bowls and unique kitchen accessories for your table. Choose one of our products and be sure that every meal on your table will be sophisticated, delicious and unforgettable!

Unicorn Collection - Lantern Space

Unicorn Collection

An exclusive collection of exclusively curated propositions with cool Unicorn design that will magically fit your daily lifestyle! Whether your kid is in love with unicorns or you are just looking for a beautiful personalised gift - this collection brings the extra touch of fairy tale that you need!