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Our Story

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“Any quotes? Spend some time thiking and make it memorable”

Lantern Art Space is the creative concept store of renowned artist Paola Minekov and her favourite cousin Aneta Nedyalkova, an author and international communications and lifestyle expert.

Lantern Space started out as Paola’s online gallery. Soon after, Aneta joined Lantern and the two of them decided to expand the gallery into an online concept store, offering lifestyle, creative artisan homeware, a curated children’s collection, art inspired fashion and of course a thriving art gallery. 

In fact, this is not the first collaboration between Paola and Aneta. The two cousins have a long history of successful international professional and business endeavours, creative and cultural projects spanning across more than five countries - UK, France, Dubai, Spain and Bulgaria.

These numerous experiences have made Paola and Aneta realise that their life's mission is to work together and support people in enhancing their lifestyle and fulfilling even their wildest creative and fun ideas.

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Founder image

Are you redecorating? Moving to a new home? Perhaps you just want to add a touch of unique luxury to your home...

The idea of Lantern Space is to give you extraordinary and unusual concepts and personalised ideas for every aspect of your life.

We stand behind the belief that each one of us has the need to create our own living space and fill it up with special objects and accessories which fit our personality and reflect our imagination. We believe we all need our own colours and art, so both our body and soul can feel fulfilled and satisfied.

This is where Lantern Space steps in and gives you the creative swirl you are looking for!

We offer you to join us in a world where the only limit of your home decor and lifestyle choices is your own imagination. Dive into your creativity and design a personal space where you can truly be yourself.